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Website Cost (Annual/Monthly/Etc.) Survey

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     Jon Rahl, Seaside 

    The Seaside Visitors Bureau is in the midst of a re-branding project that will be wrapping up in the next 30 days. Following that, we’ll be doing a major overhaul of our website. For all practical matters, it will be a brand new site. We’ve been extremely financially efficient (possibly too much so) with our website over the past 5+ years and I’m looking for some assistance to illustrate to my advisory committee that we are exception and not the rule.

    While websites DON’T have to cost an arm and a leg, I know that costs vary greatly. What I’m looking to obtain is some averages of what you all spend or have spent on any of the following questions:

    1) If you’ve done a complete overhaul, can you tell me approximately what you spent on that project?
    2) What is your annual or monthly budget expenditure towards website maintenance, hosting, additional development, etc.

    To tell you all where we are sitting. I currently ran a report for the company we’ve been with since I changed things in July 2010, and it averages out to about $254/month (a little more than $16K total) over the past 64 months. The message I’m hoping to illustrate is that we’ve been saving big time in this area and can afford to put a little more towards one of our biggest tools.

    Any help answering either or both of these questions would be greatly appreciated.



    I used Tillamook Design, as did Nan, and Bandon is now using them.

    I am still going through our revamp but it’s looking to be about $14,000 (not including photograph and content generation). All three of us use a back end managment system called Member zone which ranges from $79-$300 per month. My package isn $179 per month and includes everything I need (enough thanti am not fully utilizing it yet). Hosting is $100 per year. I do not have a maintenance contract or media calendar they are responsible for. I pay for changes and upgrades as needed.

    Give me a call with any other questions.

     Jon Rahl, Seaside 

    Thanks, Justin. Really appreciate the quick response and information.


    Jon, As you are aware, Cannon Beach went through this not too long ago, the figures I have been given from our website chair are; $25,000 website redo, and $180 per month hosting fee currently. Hope that helps!


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