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Visitor Center Traffic?

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    I recently attended the DMAI Visitor Services Summit in Salt Lake City. A lot of other visitor centers around the country and Canada are experiencing declining numbers. Is anyone else experiencing this? We have been seeing an increase in traffic during the past few years.
    Also, a lot of people discussed issues with public use restrooms within the visitor center. We have had challenges with this in our location – especially after the city had to close their public restrooms due to vandalism. Anyone else?


    Klamath has two Welcome Centers: one is a Travel Oregon (State) WC and the other is the Discover Klamath WC. For a period of 4-5 years both saw slow declines in visitorship. In 2015, the DK WC is up nicely, about 7% versus year ago. I don’t have the 2015 figures for the State WC.

    RE: Public Restrooms. The State WC – which is on Hwy 97 at an ODOT Rest Area near the OR/CA border, experienced problems with its public restrooms several years ago. The facility wasn’t being cleaned regularly by ODOT or its subcontractors and because it’s isolated this led to other things happening in the restrooms (use your imagination here). After OHP increased its patrols of the rest area, at Discover Klamath’s urging, things seem to have settled down in the past couple years.

    The City of Klamath Falls also has a (manned) Public Restroom building downtown. This place has been open continuously over 50 years but has come under fire in recent years because it appears to be a gathering place for transients. Just this week, after years of contentious positioning by both supporters and detractors, the City made the decision to close this facility at the end of October 2015.

    The Discover Klamath WC offers free public restrooms and our building/restrooms have never experienced any issues whatsoever.

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