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Marketing Committees In DMOs

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    Greetings ODMO’ians – Great to see you in Medford recently. We have a topic we’d welcome your input on. Six years ago, we established a marketing sub-committee. It consisted of 4-6 people from our Board who had passion and interest in participating on this committee, which determines our marketing strategies and programs. In practice, the committee’s relevance declined over time so this month we disbanded it. We’re evaluating whether to restart it, and if so, whom to recruit and what the scope of the committee should be going forward. Here are a few questions we’ve identified to help guide us:

    1) Does your DMO have a Marketing Committee?
    2) If so, how is it working (poor/okay/well)?
    3) How many people?
    4) Who is on your marketing committee (e.g. what’s the profile of your members… are they marketers, just passionate people, Board members, Community members, academics, etc…)?
    5) How do you identify who is/should be on your marketing team?
    6) How often do you meet as a team?
    7) What are the roles/responsibilities of the committee? (e.g. Advisory, Strategic, Implementation, etc…)?
    8) If you were starting over, as we are, what would you do differently to make your marketing team more effective or to obtain maximum value from this group?

    Thank you for any/all feedback.
    Jim Chadderdon
    Executive Director
    Discover Klamath


    Greetings DMOs – I am following up to a post I made in December 2015. Hoping someone might reply to the question of whether your DMO has a marketing committee? If so, who is on that committee? Do you feel like it’s working? If so, what value-add are you getting from the marketing committee. Thank you. Jim C in Klamath Falls.

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