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2015 Klamath County Visitor Guide

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    Our group will be developing a new annual Visitor Guide / Travel Planner later in 2015. With 2014 guide supplies nearly exhausted – and knowing we’d need several months to develop a new piece – we needed a stopgap guide for digital and snail mail fulfillment. And we needed it fast.

    Our team assembled a broad range of proprietary content and turned this project around in a couple weeks in early January.

    As a stopgap piece for a few months we’re happy with the team and with the final product.

     Travel Medford 

    How many DMO’s are putting ads in there Visitor Guides to offset the price of design and printing? Do you feel ads are needed?

     Jon Rahl, Seaside 

    We continue to have advertising in our visitor guide. In fact, 2016 will be the first year we will be a self-sustaining guide (we’ve been supplementing the cost of guide production in the past) because of advertising. This will infuse our advertising budget with an additional $15-20K. I definitely think ads are necessary and helpful. If created with good design and not too much copy, great ads should enhance a guide and not hurt it.

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